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Start your very own franchise business and earn big money.​​
Create your very own website business and earn from sharing your talents.
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Home Business

Write and Earn

A Great Resume


Start a small business from the comfort of your home.
Love to write? You can join websites that will pay you to do what you love.
It doesn't matter if you're applying for a work-at-home job.
It's all about earning money from home.
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Partner with Uber

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Earn a good amount of money for your participation in surveys. The money you can count on, get paid every time! Your hard work never goes unrewarded. 
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Partner with Uber

Partner with Uber

Drivers are wanted for both the United States and Canada.
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About Me, Bridgette.
Hi, I'm Bridgette, and I've been a Work-at-Home Advisor since 2009, loving every bit of it. It has always been a passion of mines to help others make a living from the comfort of their homes, just like me:-) It's not that I don't like the regular 9 to 5 (Been there, done that.) but I love being the boss, completely in control. Most importantly, I love being a work-at-home mom. I get to enjoy quality time with my son while working from home.

Besides all of that good stuff, I love computers to a max. I love working with them, I know all about them, everything! Computers are my passion.

As a Work-at-Home Advisor, it is my job to help you succeed by leading you to the perfect work at home job.
About Flexible Jobs from Home
Flexible Jobs from Home
Here at Flexible Jobs from Home, you will find work at home jobs, information on starting businesses and franchises, survey sites, and how to create a website. Mostly everything listed has an accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.

I'm always updating my website with new information whenever found. So if you don’t see anything that you’re interested in at this time, don’t hesitate to check back again. I always try my best to list as many jobs as I possibly can, as regularly as I can, just for you.

Any questions, just ask. I will be happy to assist you.
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I love hearing from you. Any questions, just ask. I will be happy to assist you.
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